Vegetable Grown In March: Complete Guide For Summer Crops

Food in India changes with every season. Thus, the demand for vegetables and fruits rises according to the season. Now the summer season is about to start, and many special vegetables are preferred in this season. If farmer brothers cultivate some special vegetable grown in March-April, it can give them a bumper profit. The farmers can earn a significant profit from the production of these vegetables. Many vegetables can be cultivated this season, but it would be better to grow them according to the market demand. Therefore farmers can generate good income by sowing these vegetables according to the coming season. Because they will obtain a reasonable price for these vegetables in the summer season.

Top 5 Profitable Vegetable Grown In March

Grow Bitter Gourd In March 

The month of March and April is considered best for the cultivation of many vegetables. But this time is considered most suitable for bitter gourd cultivation. Bitter gourd prepared in summer is in high demand in the market. As a result, farmers can make a good profit from this vegetable grown in March. Most farmers in India get yield twice a year from bitter gourd farming. So, bitter gourds should be sown in March to get the yield during summer.

Farmer brothers can sow bitter gourd on any type of soil with the help of the Massey 1035 tractor. But for good quality and high yield, use well-drained sandy loam soil for bitter gourd cultivation. For good growth of bitter gourd crops, the minimum temperature should be 20 degrees, and the maximum temperature should be 35 to 40 degrees centigrade. Its seeds should be kept in water for 15 to 20 hours before planting in the field so that the seeds can germinate easily. Its seeds should be sown in the bed only at 2-3 cm depth.

Okra Farming In March For Higher Profits

Okra is a popular vegetable grown in March. It is grown in most parts of India in both the summer and Kharif seasons. However, okra can be sown in February and March. In the rainy season, it can be sown in June and July. The demand for okra remains constant throughout the year in the markets. According to this, farmers can plant their early varieties from March to April. Moreover, sandy to clayey soil with proper drainage has been considered suitable for this vegetable grown in March. There should be a proper irrigation system for okra farming. We should sow its seeds in rows only for the summer okra crop. Apart from this, we should perform the first weeding about 15 to 20 days after planting okra. Along with this, we must remember that excessive insecticides should not be used for weed control.

Growing Bottle Gourd 

Bottle gourd can be cultivated in all the Zaid, Kharif and Rabi seasons, and it is a famous vegetable grown in March. Moreover, the suitable season for pumpkin cultivation in the Zaid season is the month of March to April. Also, bottle gourd can be easily grown in many types of soil. But for its successful and good yield, light loamy soil containing organic matter with proper water-holding capacity is considered ideal.

Cucumber Farming In March

Cucumber farming is done in the Zaid season with the help of the Eicher 241 tractor. The right time to plant its crop is the month of March. Therefore, it is a popular vegetable grown in March. Cucumber is a crop that gives results in a short period of time. Today, its use is increasing in the form of salad. As a result, farmers can earn higher profits in the summer by planting this crop in March. A hot and dry climate is considered suitable for cucumber farming. Apart from this, well-drained loamy soil with high amounts of organic matter is considered ideal for its cultivation.

Cultivation Of Coriander In March 

Coriander is a member of the Ambeli Feri or carrot family. Green Coriander is known as Cilantro or Chinese Parsley. It is a one-year valuable multipurpose spice crop. Its crop’s seeds and green leaves are used to make the food fragrant and give a farm-fresh feel. Furthermore, India is the major exporter of Coriander. It is grown throughout the year all over India. Its cultivation is done only in dry and cool weather to get good production from coriander crops. But during summer, its arrival in the market decreases, due to which its demand increases. As a result, farmers can earn good profits from this vegetable grown in March and April. Moreover, a temperature of 25 to 28 degrees centigrade is suitable for the germination of its seeds. Loamy soil with proper drainage is most suitable for irrigated cultivation of Coriander.


We hope this article will help you to solve all the concerns related to any vegetable grown in March. Because this article covers all the essential information about farming the top 5 crops according to the upcoming summer season. Thus, stay connected with us for more details about different profitable vegetables for farming.

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