Tips for Leaving Your Dog at Home When You Travel

Tips for Leaving Your Dog at Home When You Travel

Leaving your furry friend at home when you travel can be a difficult decision to make. However, sometimes it’s necessary to leave them behind due to travel restrictions or lack of pet-friendly accommodations. Here are some tips for leaving your dog at home while ensuring their safety and well-being.

Consider a Pet Sitter or Doggy Daycare

One of the best options for leaving your dog at home is to hire a pet sitter or take them to a doggy daycare. A pet sitter can visit your home to check on your dog, take them for walks, and provide companionship while you’re away. Doggy daycare, on the other hand, allows your dog to interact with other dogs and receive supervision from professionals. This can provide a fun and safe environment for your dog while you’re traveling.

Prepare Your Home

Before you leave, make sure your home is safe and secure for your dog. Ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked, and that your dog cannot escape. Put away any items that could be harmful to your dog, such as cleaning products, medications, or sharp objects. Leave plenty of water and food in a location that is easily accessible to your dog.

Keep Your Dog Active

Even though you won’t be there to play with them, it’s important to keep your dog active while you’re away. Leave toys and treats that will keep them entertained, and consider leaving a radio or TV on for background noise. You can also leave a puzzle toy that will challenge your dog’s mind and keep them occupied.

Maintain Contact

Although you’re away, it’s essential to maintain contact with your dog. Consider setting up a video chat or phone call with your pet sitter or family member to check on your dog. You can also leave an article of clothing with your scent on it, which can provide comfort to your dog when you’re not there.


Leaving your dog at home can be a stressful experience for both you and your furry friend. However, by following these tips, you can ensure that your dog is safe, healthy, and happy while you’re away. Remember to prepare your home, keep your dog active, and maintain contact to provide peace of mind for both you and your pet.

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